Watch: Speed Geeking the Many Aspects of Migration

Watch our fast-paced introduction to REMINDER's research on intra-EU migration, filmed in Oxford for the 2018 ESRC Festival of Social Science.


March 28, 2019

Turning the camera around: who watches the watchers?

Rob McNeil discusses how REMINDER’s research into media practices turns the camera upon news reporting on migration in Europe, revealing how and why different narratives and themes about migration have taken hold in different countries, and what led the people creating these stories to operate in such different ways.

March 13, 2019

Patterns of Migration in the European Union

REMINDER's research team at Maastricht University has produced a wide-ranging, user-friendly summary of available data on migration stocks and flows within the EU. Their work shows that, when it comes to analysing trends in intra-EU migration, the definition of 'migration' that is used plays a large part in determining the results of the research.

News & Events

May 5, 2019

Fourth Workshop on Migration, Health, and Well-Being, 5-6 May, 2019

Two day workshop on migration, health, and well-Being at the University of Pittsburgh with keynote speakers Jennifer Hunt (Rutgers University) and Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics).

May 1, 2019

SEMINAR: Around the World, More Say Immigrants are a Strength than a Burden

A seminar with Mark Hugo Lopez, Director of Global Migration and Demography Research at Pew Research Centre.

April 26, 2019

NEWSLETTER: Spring 2019

Check out our first newsletter for 2019, where we highlight some of our project activities, research and upcoming events.


26 February 2019

National Institutions and the Fiscal Effects of EU Migrants

Debates about the fiscal impacts of intra-EU migration have often focused on the consequences of granting migrant workers unrestricted access to the welfare programs of the host country. This working paper compares different welfare regimes across Europe, and studies how the net fiscal impact of EU migrant households differs across these regimes. The authors do not find any evidence to support the common idea that migrants generate greater fiscal burdens in more generous welfare states.

19 February 2019

Effects on utilisation, health and user satisfaction when access to health care is limited

There has been increasing recent debate on whether and to what extent certain sectors of the immigrant population, e.g. undocumented immigrant and mobile EU workers, should get access to welfare benefits and public services. This paper explores a reform that was introduced in Spain in 2012 in order to shed light on this issue.

13 March 2019

Patterns of Migration in the European Union

This working paper aims to map the patterns and dynamics of migration within the EU of individuals of EU28 origin as well as those from outside the region. The descriptive analysis is based on existing data, largely drawn from Eurostat’s online database on population statistics. This data allows the mapping of intra EU-migration patterns and dynamics during the last four years. As well as analysing EU28-wide stocks and flows, the paper zooms in to explore intra-EU migration for five of the key migration countries within the EU28: Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

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Important fact-checking! Research made by Joakim Palme, @MartinRuhs and @MarcusOsterman shows that households in the European countries which host the majority of EU migrants, are a net benefit to the public purse. @EU_REMINDER

Well, look a that. In vast majority of cases, intra-EU #migrants contribute MORE to their host welfare systems than they cost them, says study by @EU_REMINDER. Summary in @ConversationUK: #immigrants #Immigration

For many parties expected to do well in tomorrw's #EuropeanElections2019 migration, esp #freemovement is decisive issue. But research from @EU_REMINDER has some interesting findings including evidence that EU migrants are net benefit to the public purse.

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