Launch of our 'Database of Databases'

Download our new database of existing sources of data on intra-EU migration, and watch the accompanying webinar.


The Challenge in Mapping Multilingual Media Coverage on Migration and Freedom of Movement in Europe

Our team at the University of Vienna used computer-assisted techniques to analyse 1.5 million news articles in seven 7 languages, building a map of migration media discourse across Europe from 2000-2017. In a post for our blog, Fabienne Lind and Jakob-Moritz Eberl reflect on this challenging, cutting-edge work.

Watch: Migration into and out of the UK after Brexit

In this panel conversation, held on 29 October 2019 in Oxford, REMINDER researchers discussed how Brexit would be likely to affect migration into and out of the UK and public debate about it.

News & Events

November 19, 2019

WEBINAR: Understanding the possibilities and limitations of data on intra-EU migration

A webinar on what the available data has to tell us about the patterns and dynamics of intra-EU migration.

November 11, 2019

NEWSLETTER: Autumn 2019

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November 6, 2019

WATCH: Migration into and out of the UK after Brexit

Watch our panel conversation on migration into and out of the UK after Brexit, held at Oxford on 31 October 2019.


04 November 2019

Education Moderating Effects on Free Movement Attitudes: A Comparative Approach

Media is likely to play a role in forming people’s attitudes toward political topics such as intra-EU migration. Education is perceived as one of the most important factors moderating media influence. In this study, researchers conducted a panel analysis in seven European countries to investigate whether and how people’s level of education affects the extent […]

04 November 2019

Monitoring and Mapping Migration in the EU with Existing Data

This paper provides an overview and discussion of the main databases available to aid understanding of migration within the European Union. The paper maps existing data sources and evaluates them for their usefulness and quality in supporting intra-EU migration research. In addition to a desk review of sources, European migration data experts were interviewed for […]

04 November 2019

Multilingual Dictionary Construction: A Roapmap to Measuring Migration Frames in European Media Discourse

Research using computer-assisted multi-lingual text analysis is still relatively sparse, and methods tend to focus on West-European languages only. This working paper provides a review of the state-of-the-art of research in multi-language computer-assisted methodologies, with a focus on so-called ‘dictionary approaches’.

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Excited to be here too! Will be talking about the @EU_REMINDER project and the great new web tool the team is developing for reporters and policy makers to understand European migration issues (which you navigate like a 1980s “choose your own adventure” book).

While emigration has brought certain advantages to mobile eastern Europeans, it can strain origin countries
This @MPI_Europe webchat will examine new evidence from the @EU_REMINDER project on different types of East-West mobility


Want to hear about recent insights on forms of East-West EU mobility, challenges & opportunities for sending countries, and policy options to make free movement more sustainable? Join our @MPI_Europe webinar on Thursday! @EU_REMINDER @ICMPD

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