The REMINDER project assess policy options to address real and perceived impacts and pressures that free movement may generate

A critical goal of the REMINDER project is to help European policymakers to develop policy responses that inspire public trust, ensure the fairness and sustainability of free movement, and maintain inclusive policies that reduce inequalities across the continent. To help do this, policy relevant results – including publications – from all the work packages are collected in this section of the website. These include policy analysis papers, briefs and webinars for policy makers.

Free Movement in the European Union: An Audit

Policy Analysis

This paper explores some of the main controversies surrounding free movement: it examines whether the roots lie in the way the system was designed, or in how it is implemented in practice. It also explores the history and original rationale for free movement and analyses whether it has fulfilled its overarching objectives.

Rethinking social security coordination: From tinkering to radical reform

Policy Analysis

This paper outlines how the social security system works, analyses the main challenges and tensions at the heart of it and evaluates the proposed reforms against other possible options.

EU citizenship and free movement: Troubled partners, or a mutually reinforcing relationship?

Policy Analysis

This paper explores the concept of European citizenship and how it helps or hinders the free movement of people within the EU.

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This Wednesday at 5pm! Empirical & conceptual answers to key questions: How different are refugees from other migrants & the UK-born? Is there are a “refugee penalty” in the labour market? If yes, how big? What are the factors behind these differences?

A great opportunity for researchers working on health and migration issues, especially if you fancy a trip to super-hip Pittsburgh... deadline for submission is 13th January. see @EU_REMINDER @CVar_Sil

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