The REMINDER project produces a suite of written materials and activities to disseminate project results. Here you can access the latest literature reviews, reports, working papers and policy briefings.

  • Literature reviews – overview of significant literature published in the area of research
  • Working papers – elaboration of conceptual and empirical findings
  • Reports – synthesis of results and findings
  • Policy briefings – short, accessible documents drawing out key findings for nontechnical audiences.

Monitoring migration within the EU with existing data

Literature Review

This paper provides an overview of the main databases available to understand mobility within the EU. It maps existing data sources and evaluates their usefulness and quality.

Impacts and Particularities of Care Migration Directed towards Long-term Care: Zooming in on Slovakia and Romania

Literature Review

This literature review looks at the home care industry and the provision of such care by migrants in private households.

The fiscal effects of EU migration

Working Paper

This working paper from work package 4 is the first large cross-country estimation of the fiscal effects of migration of EU citizens within the EEA (European Economic Area). The vast majority of EEA countries – 21 out of 29 – saw positive net fiscal impacts during 2004-2015, receiving more in taxes and other contributions from […]

Determinants of migration flows within the EU

Literature Review

This literature review of work package 3 provides an overview of the existing empirical literature that helps understand the factors and considerations driving mobility within the European Union. First, cross-national studies are considered to grasp the overall picture; second, an in-depth analysis of five focus countries – Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, and Spain […]

Media Effects on Attitudes toward Migration and Mobility in the EU: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Literature Review

Work package 9 provides an overview of how various facets of news representations of EU mobility affect the perception of and attitudes toward EU mobility and related concepts.

Discourses on Intra-EU Mobility and Non-EU Migration in European Media Coverage: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Literature Review

Work package 8 presents an overview of how intra-EU mobility and non-EU migration into Europe are portrayed in media coverage in European countries.

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Daily chart: Europeans remain welcoming to immigrants via @TheEconomist

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