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Perceptions of EU and Non-EU Immigrants’ Welfare Impacts: Who Receives More in Benefits?

This report presents latest findings on Europeans’ perceptions of the welfare impacts of EU and non-EU immigrants. The authors investigate to what extent Europeans think that EU immigrants receive more in benefits than the native-born, and whether perceptions are more positive or negative when it comes to EU or non-EU immigrants’ impacts. The research relies […]

Summary Report: Insights on the Determinants of Mobility in the EU

This document summarises seven key findings from Work Package 3 of the REMINDER project. Work Package 3 explored the drivers of EU mobility using a desk-based literature review, individual migrant interviews, focus groups, primary quantitative data analysis, and secondary quantitative data analysis. The analysis was based on work conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and […]

Main Report: Relevant Data to Understand Migration in the EU

This report evaluates the degree to which currently-available data enables a comprehensive picture of the phenomenon of intra-European migration.

Summary Report: Mapping Discourse

This report summarises the key findings of Work Package 8, which explored discourses of EU mobility in political, social, and mass media communications. The analyses were based on data from social and traditional media outlets in Spain, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Romania, and the researchers made use of a range of […]

Reporting on Migration and Mobility: Recommendations for Practitioners

This report combines findings from Work Packages 8 and 11 of the REMINDER project, concerning media coverage and journalistic attitudes and practices in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Based on these findings, the authors formulate recommendations regarding migration reporting for practitioners.

European Media Migration Report: How Media Cover Migration and Intra-EU Mobility in Terms of Salience, Sentiment and Framing

This report uses semi-automated computational analysis to examine media coverage of migration across a range of European countries for the period of 2003-2017.

Intra-EU Mobilities: Perceived Impacts

This paper summarises three studies on selected sending countries and border regions of the EU undertaken for Work Package 6. The first study analysed the perceived impacts of, and policy responses to, care-work mobility in two sending countries: Romania and Slovakia. The second study analysed the perceived impacts of cross-border practices in the Austrian-Hungarian and Austrian-Slovak […]

Comparative report on cross-country media practices, migration, and mobility

This is the last in a series of three papers looking at the practices of media in the reporting of migration and intra-EU mobility in a set of EU member states: Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

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