Discourses on Intra-EU Mobility and Non-EU Migration in European Media Coverage: A Comprehensive Literature Review

March 31, 2017

Literature Review

This literature review from work package 8 presents an overview of how intra-EU mobility and non-EU migration into Europe are portrayed in media coverage in European countries.

In an aim to identify possible differences in media discourses that may potentially lead to different influences on public opinion about immigration, the focus is both on immigration from countries within Europe, as well as from countries outside of Europe. It deals with media discourses about legal immigration, potential immigration as well as irregular migrants or refugees.

First, we will review findings of issue- and actor-related visibility of immigration in media coverage. We will then elaborate on the quality of that coverage, dealing with findings related to issue-specific as well as generic framing of immigration coverage. We also consider that immigration discourses may have changed over time and sketch similarities and differences to discourses in non-European countries. We conclude by summarizing key influences on and differences between media discourses as well as by pointing to extant gaps in research and possible future avenues.

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