Database of Existing Databases on Migration in the EU

This database, produced by Work Package 2 of the REMINDER Project, is intended to assist people looking for data on migration within the European Union. The database is downloadable as an Excel file.

The database is available in two versions:

Full, searchable version (requires Excel 2013 or later).

Simplified version (runs on earlier versions of Excel).

There are two ways to use the database:

  1. Filter function (all versions): click on the tab marked ‘Database’ and use Excel’s filter function to search the data according to your needs.
  2. Search function (full, searchable version only): click on the tabs marked ‘Search by Country’ or ‘Search by Indicator’, and select an option or options from the drop-down menu.  Full instructions are provided within the tabs.

To the best of our knowledge, the database contains all currently-available sources of data on intra-EU migration. If you notice that something is missing or see an error, please contact the developers at the contact email address listed within the database.

In November 2019, the REMINDER project recorded a webinar to accompany the launch of the database. The webinar provides an overview of our research findings on the types and availability of data on intra-EU migration, and introduces viewers to the database and how to use it. View the webinar here.

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