Monitoring migration within the EU with existing data

April 19, 2018

Literature Review

This mapping paper of work package 2 provides a discussion and overview of the main databases available to understand mobility within the EU. It maps existing data sources and evaluates their usefulness and quality.

The authors identified the best – the most comprehensive and practical– databases, highlighting the main data sources for each aspect of EU mobility, and identifying other sources that are best suited to complement the gaps left by the main data. Whilst no data source was exhaustive, the authors highlight the Eurostat database, the Labour Force Survey (both core and 2008/2014 ad-hoc modules), the migration databases of UNDESA and OECD, as well as the EIMSS survey and the special wave 72.5 of the Eurobarometer.

The paper also sheds light on the remaining challenges and limitations of measuring intra-EU mobility.

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