Indicators of Labour Markets and Welfare States in the European Union

Indicators of Labour Markets and Welfare States in the European Union

February 5, 2019

Working Paper

This working paper provides an overview and descriptive analysis of key indicators of national labour markets and welfare states in the European Union. The discussion of labour market indicators uses standard variables and “off-the-shelf” data provided by Eurostat and the OECD, and the overview of national welfare states draws on a range of indicators specifically coded for the REMINDER project and compiled into a new dataset called “Social Protection in Europe Database”. The working paper supports two different work packages within REMINDER by providing institutional and other indicators to be used in subsequent analyses.

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Status update: @EU_REMINDER “Work Package” 7 still hard at work these days, scrambling to finish and submit our last two “deliverables” before the holiday. In the meanwhile, check out what the project has produced so far, research on free movement in EU

Excited to be here too! Will be talking about the @EU_REMINDER project and the great new web tool the team is developing for reporters and policy makers to understand European migration issues (which you navigate like a 1980s “choose your own adventure” book).

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