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Journal Articles

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Political migration discourses on social media: a comparative perspective on visibility and sentiment across political Facebook accounts in Europe

Migration has been dominating media and political discourses in Europe in recent years. Previous studies have mainly mapped migration discourses in traditional media or conventional channels of party communication, often in a single country. Migration-related party communication on social network sites has been largely neglected. This study analyses migration discourses in the Facebook accounts of […]

When the Journey is as Important as the Goal: A Roadmap to Multilingual Dictionary Construction

Communication scientists have made rapid advances in the computer-assisted analysis of large quantities of media data, but research has focused on monolingual corpora and most often on English-language text. This study works toward the application of computer-assisted analysis in the framework of multilingual media content.

Immigration and the reallocation of work health risks

This paper studies the effects of immigration on the allocation of occupational physical burden and work injury risks.

The European media discourse on immigration and its effects: a literature review

To understand public opinion about immigration in Europe, one has to understand the media’s role in it. We present a literature review on research on media discourse on immigration and their effects. Despite differences in the way immigration and migrant groups are represented in European media, we can observe common patterns. Migrants are generally under-represented […]

Institutional contexts of political conflicts around free movement in the European Union: A theoretical analysis

The Member States of the European Union (EU) have been engaged in highly divisive debates about whether and how to reform the rules for the ‘free movement’ of EU workers and their access to national welfare states. While some countries have argued for new restrictions on EU workers’ access to welfare benefits, many others have […]

The effects of immigration on NHS waiting times

This paper analyzes the effects of immigration on waiting times for the National Health Service (NHS) in England.

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