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WP1 – Management, coordination, synthesis and dissemination

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This multidisciplinary research project involves a consortium of researchers with expertise in a wide range of fields. It also involves policy specialists who will translate the research to develop concrete options for reforms. In addition, a stakeholder and expert advisory board has been convened to broaden the project’s expertise and ensure early engagement with key audiences. Finally, an experienced communications team will work with consortium members to develop accessible resources, ensuring wide reach to policymakers, media practitioners and influential stakeholders across Europe.

The project combines qualitative and quantitative approaches, carefully integrating work packages to allow data and results to flow seamlessly between them; hence, close collaboration is a key element to ensure the success of the project. The project will be led by COMPAS at the University of Oxford. Work package 1 covers day to day management of the consortium, including administration, legal and contractual management, maintenance of the consortium agreement, liaising with individual project participants, financial management including administration of budget for centrally organised activities, and organising and facilitating partner administrative and financial reporting.

Our communications team will develop and implement outreach strategies and other communications activities such as the project website, creation of a data management plan, and liaison with and between consortium members, the advisory board, and the European Commission.

COMPAS will also lead the task of synthesising findings from all the work packages into an engaging and accessible final report for policy and public audiences, with input from the Migration Policy Institute Europe (MPIE), Budapest Business School and the University of Vienna. Other dissemination activities will include briefings with high-level policymakers led by MPIE and professional development events for media and PR professionals, led by the European Journalism Centre (EJC).

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